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1 night. Day of arrival: Sunday

Travel description

Enjoy our extensive breakfast buffet and a glass of wine on the day of your arrival.

In the evening, the team of the WineRestaurant welcomes you to a romantic candlelight dinner including the accompanying wines. Finish your stay the next morning with a full breakfast.

Your arangement includes

  1. ... a welcome drink
  2. ... a seasonal four-course meal with wine accompaniment
  3. ... a nightcap
  4. ... two days rich breakfast buffet
  5. ... we invite you to a rich breakfast buffet on your day of arrival (arrival until 10:00 am, rooms available from 15:00)


Winzerhaus from 119,00 € / person
Winzerhaus "S"
from 125,00 € / person from 125,00 € / person
Landhaus "S"
Winzerhaus Premium
from 129,00 € / person from 129,00 € / person